Life lessons from 2018

January 17, 2019
  1. Have confidence in yourself. You’re capable of much more than you think.
  2. Don’t force things. Instead of hitting your head against the wall, take a few steps back and walk around it. Use strategy, not strength.
  3. If you want to build wealth, help others. In a capitalistic society, those who help others (especially those with money to spend) are rewarded.
  4. Everything happens in cycles. When things are bad, know they’ll get better. When things are better, use the time to build padding for downturns.
  5. Give others more slack. This is the key to good relationships.
  6. Delete social media apps. Remove all distractions from your phone. Only use it to call and text. You’ll get nearly an extra hour each day.
  7. Live frugally. If you make financially smart decisions now, it will open more doors for you later. Don’t be afraid to play the long game.
  8. Everything in moderation. Too much or too little will lead to bad consequences.
  9. Sometimes, you need to grow up. To accept responsibility for the things in your life. To talk when you need to talk, to do chores when you need to do chores.
  10. You don’t need to be nice. If you don’t want to do something, just say “no”. Don’t say you have other plans. Tell people what you think without reservation.
  11. Success is built with habits. As is failure. Adopt discipline to do the important things you know you need to do.
  12. Follow your internal compass. Leave your comfort zone and work towards your goals. It will be tough, but do you really want a lackluster playback at the end of your life?
  13. Getting started is the hardest part. But starting builds momentum, which leads to flow states where you’ll do your best work.
  14. Prioritize lifting. Lifting teaches you discipline and leads to multipliers in all other areas of your life.
  15. Suffering is a choice. Everything that happens, good or bad, is neutral. Nothing to get emotional about. The way you react to them is up to you. Sadness is a choice.
  16. Smile. When you’re working towards what you want – even if you’re nervous – smile. You’re getting closer.
  17. Failure is the mother of invention. Just because a creation doesn’t work as intended doesn’t mean the effort is wasted!