Hello, I'm Mark.

I’m a dual front-end engineer and designer with a passion for building clean, easy-to-use products. I mainly use JavaScript and the React ecosystem, and I’m one of the 6 people in the world who writes CSS for fun on the weekends.

I am currently working remotely for an LA-based startup called Jump, where I’m a front-end engineer. As an early employee, I completely rewrote the stylesheets and componentized our entire front-end infrastructure. The site I built got us ranked on the front page of Google for the word “jump”.

I love building side projects because they’re the fastest way to learn new skills. Since January 1st, 2018, I’ve built:

  • Silver: a small and simple CSS grid system (228 bytes compressed)
  • Markets: a progressive web app for the cryptocurrency markets
  • ElectronReactApp: a boilerplate for making Electron + React apps
  • BitTab: a minimalistic New Tab extension for Bitcoin enthusiasts
  • SocialGate: breaks your habit of unintentionally checking social networks
  • Start Your Blog: a tutorial and resource site for beginner bloggers
  • Aria: a minimal text editor, coming soon

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