Mark Thomas Miller, Owner of Zeph

Hello there! I’m Mark Miller, and this is my personal website and blog.

I’ve wanted to be a creative for my whole life. I didn’t care if it was writing, drawing, architecture, composing music, or something else – I just wanted to make things nonstop.

Luckily, sometime in college, I found software. You see, in a computer, you get to play God – there are no building permits or restrictions on what you’re allowed to do. I got good at web development and design and focused on building beautiful, experiential applications. It was an area where I could push the limits of my creativity by building anything from apps and websites to video games. And people anywhere in the world could use them.

I started making lots of side projects: forums, online courses, web apps, extensions for browsers, a CMS, even trying to start a few businesses here and there. I also worked for some incredible companies to help other creators create – helping everyone from women, minority, and veteran entrepreneurs to indie game developers in the mix.

I recently made Everpage, a tool to help entrepreneurs design high-converting, beautiful landing pages. I also write about creativity, React, advanced CSS, and UX on my blog and several different forums to spread the lessons I’ve learned about development, design, and creativity.

So, welcome to my site! Introduce yourself – I usually don’t bite. We might be able to work together, make connections, or share advice. Or you can just send me something cool about yourself1 and we can go from there.

  1. Fun fact about you? A favorite video game or type of music? Your biggest goal? Favorite programming language? The best advice you ever got? ↩︎