I'm Mark, a frontend engineer & designer. Nice to meet you.


  • I'm an early employee and frontend engineer at Jump (Forbes article).
  • I built a site that got ranked on the first page of Google for the word "jump".
  • I'm making Everpage and own its parent company, Mayvale, LLC.
  • I'm super-passionate about React and CSS.
  • I made Silver, a tiny (19 line) CSS grid system.


For a full demo of my skillset, try Everpage here.

  • JavaScript (ES6/ES7)
  • React
  • Responsive HTML5/CSS3
  • Electron
  • Single Page Applications
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • MobX
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • Netlify
  • Heroku
  • Jekyll
  • Gatsby.js
  • WordPress
  • Serverless
  • React Native
  • SQL
  • GraphQL


Duquesne University – Magna Cum Laude, Class of 2015

President of the Duquesne Entrepreneurial Alliance, Manager for Duquesne Computing and Technology Services, worked with Homeless Children's Education Fund, member of the Honors College, sat on the Student Council. More info...


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