Keep smoking cigarettes

January 29, 2019

You might have some bad habits. You might make promises to yourself and then break them. You might diet and then binge; get fit and then get fat; so on and so forth. What should you do if you want to make a permanent change for the better?

When you can’t change a habit, you usually think you’re the problem – that you’re weak or don’t have enough willpower. I’d posit that it’s actually your approach. Instead of forcing yourself to change, you need to trick yourself.

Here’s the deal: don’t stop doing anything. Break your bad habits by doing them less, not never. Here are some examples:

Basically, if you try to force an extreme change, you’ll lose control and ricochet back into your habit – usually with an explosive binge. It’s better to give yourself a small push in the right direction, and slowly ramp up from there, week by week. Change is much easier in moderation.

In other words, “keep smoking cigarettes to stop smoking cigarettes”.