Multiple classnames with CSS Modules in React

January 2019

If you want to use multiple classnames with CSS Modules in React, you can use classnames.1 Install it like so:

# with npm
npm install classnames --save

# or with yarn
yarn add classnames

When importing it, I like to call it cx instead of classnames since it looks cleaner.

import cx from 'classnames'

Then, pass it into className inside your component:

// Joining multiple CSS Modules classes
// <div class="foo-f93d72 bar-g9493s"></div>
<div className={cx(,} />

// Conditionally displaying multiple CSS Modules classes
// <div class="foo-f93d72"></div>
<div className={cx(, {[]: false})} />

Obviously, instead of just false, you could pass a prop into that instead.

Using CSS Modules with classnames also gives us the ability to write some really beautiful scoped CSS. Pay attention to styles[type] in this example:

// Button.jsx
import React from 'react'
import cx from 'classnames'
import styles from './Button.css'

const Button = ({ type, text }) =>
  <button className={ cx(styles.button, styles[type]) }>
    { text }
/* Button.css */
.button { /* common button styles here */ }
.danger { background: red; }
.save   { background: green; }

Now we can pass in a type prop to call a CSS Modules class! For example…

<Button type="danger" text="Delete Account" />

…would generate a button with both the .button and .danger styles.

  1. At the time of writing, classnames has about 3.5 million downloads per week. ↩︎