Selected Work

Mark Thomas Miller is a full-stack engineer and designer.

Everpage, a landing page creator

A fast way to make beautiful, responsive landing pages. I handled the development and design, and I built it into a small business. Payments are serverless and handled through the Memberful API. It even works offline.

JavaScript React MobX Serverless Browser Storage File System API HTML5 Responsive CSS3 UX

Silver, a flexbox grid system

The simplest CSS grid system ever. With only six classes and less than 20 lines of code, this grid system can support nearly any layout, and it produces clean, easy-to-read markup. It's only 224 bytes when compressed.

Responsive CSS3 Flexbox

Markets, a progressive web app

A minimal cryptocurrency price-tracking solution. Select your favorite cryptocurrencies to monitor their price. You can even add it to the homescreen of your phone to monitor prices on the go. Markets is completely open-source.

React JavaScript Progressive Web Apps REST API Browser Storage HTML Responsive CSS3

Dynamically generated landing pages for Jump

I built a system to dynamically generate themable, shareable, responsive landing pages for a catalog of 100+ video games on Jump. I worked with Jump's designer to develop mobile-friendly views, suggested we use a background image pulled from the game, and made each signup trackable to measure marketing performance.

React JSON API HTML Responsive CSS3

ElectronReactApp, an application template

A feature-rich, open-source boilerplate template for an Electron and React app. It supports menus, keyboard shortcuts, multi-platform build commands, hot reloading, CSS Modules, and more out-of-the-box.

JavaScript React Electron Webpack