I was driving when I almost collided with an old lady on a scooter.

I know – my bad.

I slammed my breaks.

We made eye contact, and she shook her head at me.

Honestly, it was burned into my mind for weeks. I felt like a bad person.

But I eventually realized: she didn’t know who I was. She only knew the projection I put into the world. She saw me as a reckless driver and nothing else.

To other people, you’re like a character in a book.

So when you recieve criticism from someone, know that they’re not criticizing you – they’re criticizing what they can see about you.

As Derek Sivers puts it, they’re criticizing the public you:

They’re not talking about me. They’re talking about a cardboard cut-out that looks like me. A little online avatar with the same name as me, but is not me.

What people say about you – positive or negative – is based on their reference point.

It’s not the truth.

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