My Book Recommendation Scale

On the typical 1-10 scale, 1 through 6 is perceived as horrible, 7 is average, and 8-10 are decent. Since this conveys little meaning, I wanted to outline what I mean by each score:

  1. Awful.
  2. Bland, disorganized, and/or not very interesting.
  3. Few takeaways. You might want to search for a better book on the topic.
  4. This book didn’t stand out to me, but it was still a decent read.
  5. You can give it a try, but you might not like it.
  6. An enjoyable book with a light amount of insight.
  7. An interesting book. Probably a page turner.
  8. Very interesting. It’ll make you think. Might be lost on some.
  9. A potentially life changing book.
  10. One of my all-time favorites.

Books towards the low end of the scale may have organizational or language issues, a longwinded writing style, or a lack of insight. And those towards the higher end tend to be page turners with passionate, articulate authors and filled with insights that can impact your life.

With reading, timing is more important than anything else. You might be at a stage in your life where my 2 would be your 10, or vice versa. So don’t think that my word is final. Our opinions may differ, and that’s okay.