My Book Recommendation Scale

On the stereotypical 1-10 rating scale, 1 through 6 are horrible, 7 is average, and 8-10 are good. Since this is a messed up scale that conveys no meaning, I wanted to outline my very literal 1-10 book rating scale:

  1. Awful.
  2. Nearly awful.
  3. Not interesting.
  4. Almost good.
  5. Average.
  6. Better than average.
  7. Interesting.
  8. Very interesting.
  9. Nearly life changing.
  10. Life changing.

Books towards the low end of the scale may have organizational or language issues, a longwinded writing style, or a lack of insight. And those towards the higher end tend to be page turners with passionate, articulate authors and filled with insights that can impact your life.

As always, our opinions may differ.

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