My Book Recommendation Scale

On the typical 1-10 scale, 1 through 6 is perceived as horrible, 7 is average, and 8-10 are decent. Since this is a laughably bad way to rank things, I’d like to invite you to take my scores literally: a 6 is a better-than-average book. A 4 is still in the top 60% of books I’ve read.

My highest-rated books tend to use simple language to describe important wisdom. Their authors are passionate and articulate, and they don’t take 20 pages to explain what they could in 1.

My lowest-rated books tend to have longwinded writing styles, vague arguments, too much filler, and underwhelming insight.

Don’t take my word as final. If you enjoy a book’s notes – even if I’ve rated it a 2, try reading it yourself. We’re different people, and we may have different preferences.