How to make React Router scroll to top on page change

January 28, 2019
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If you want to make React Router scroll to the top of the page when the route changes, you can create a simple ScrollToTop component like so:

// ScrollToTop.jsx

import React from 'react'
import { withRouter } from 'react-router-dom'

export default class ScrollToTop extends Component {
	componentDidUpdate(prevProps) {
		if (this.props.location !== prevProps.location) {
			window.scrollTo(0, 0)

	render() {
		return this.props.children

Add it to a high-level layout so you don’t need to repeat it on every page:

const MainLayout = () => (
		<ScrollToTop />

Now when you change routes, React Router will update ScrollToTop, making the window scroll to the top of the page. This behavior is more ideal for most sites.