Subscription confirmed.

Upon receiving notification of your subscription, fireworks went off.

Literal fireworks.

I had strapped them to my desk to signal your arrival.

It was a bad idea. (Not the worst idea I’ve ever had, but pretty far up there.)

Although there was some property damage and my house is going to smell like smoke for a while, you were worth it.

Now let’s talk about this newsletter.

As a founder-engineer-designer, I search for insights based on the fundamental wisdom of the world – the timeless stuff that would’ve worked in 1890 just as well as it does today. This wisdom is based around 1. living a happy life (because without happiness, what’s the point?), and 2. being successful in your relationships, finances, health, and so on (because you should never strive for just normalcy).

I don’t like receiving daily newsletters, so I won’t do that to you. My emails will be few, but they will be packed with interesting insights that can help you become happier and more successful. To tide you over, here’s some of my most popular content:

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Awesome at fireworks

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